Families Respond to CDFF

Date Posted: 1/31/2007

View letters The CDFF has received from families we have helped through the years. After reading them, you’ll know why we work so hard to keep moving ahead.

We have been helping families for over six years. And from the very start we have heard back from so many of them. Many of the letters are very emotional, motivating and quite humbling. We can’t post all of them here on the website, there are too many. We have however, chosen a couple for you read and reflect upon. Most of the letters we receive let us know how the family is doing and keeping us up to date. Some however, do notify us of the people we assisted that have lost their battle. Many think these are difficult to read and that is true, but when you read the letters, you are amazed at the strength and love these families possess. It can be sad, but more often than not, it’s inspiring.

Click More Info to read the letters we have posted in the Families Assisted area on the site and understand the difference that can be made when we are able to help these families.

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