American Greetings & CDFF Help Family at Christmas

Date Posted: 1/31/2007

Throughout the last several years we have brought the stories of many families to you through our website, annual newsletter, and special events. We wanted to share a special story which was the result of a joint effort by our valued supporters like you and American Greetings. Through the Colleen DeCrane Family Foundation, you are making a difference in the lives of families in your community.

We were notified last summer of a family in need of a helping hand. A husband and the father of six children had been diagnosed with advanced metastasized cancer. He was unable to work as a result of his illness. His wife was working very hard to keep the family and house going. We worked with friends of the family to help assist them with some of the immediate needs the family had at that time. The family was very appreciative of the help the CDFF was able to give. This is a common story for the CDFF, a local foundation helping families in the community. However, this is not the where the story ends.

In late October we were contacted by American Greetings, who is headquartered in Cleveland. They heard of what the Colleen DeCrane Family Foundation was doing within the community and they asked us for assistance their Christmas Program. American Greetings has a special program where employees donate money and then use these funds to help a family for Christmas.  This year they asked the CDFF to assist them in finding a special family. We spoke to the representatives from American Greetings and agreed that this would be the family they would help this Christmas. We contacted the family and they were amazed by the love and support they were shown by people they didn’t even know. They were provided a Christmas tree, food for Christmas dinner, and everyone in the family had a gift to open Christmas morning. What American Greeting’s employees really accomplished was to provide a family with a little joy and happiness at a time that can be extremely difficult for a family. Through the help of the employees at American Greetings and your support, this family will always remember this unsolicited act of kindness they experienced first hand from complete strangers.

We feel it is important you share stories like this in an effort to show what we can do together to make a difference in someone’s life. We can’t do it without your continued support and the support of companies like American Greetings. Thank you!


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