Letter From The President

A Letter from the President

As I mentioned in last years newsletter, our goal that first year was to help one family and increase that number by one every subsequent year. The first year we were able to assist a couple of families. Since then, we have been able to help in excess of 70 families affecting the lives of hundreds. This past year, 2005, we were able to disburse in excess of $19,000 to families. This was accomplished through continued support of those who attend our functions and also those who volunteer their time at our events. As most of you do know, the officers and directors of the CDFF work on a volunteer basis. All money raised goes to the running of the foundation and assisting families. The payment is the knowledge that each is making a difference in the lives of families in crisis situation.

With the support of the community, the CDFF has been able to assist dozens of families in our brief history. This past year we were able to help several families. One family we assisted is a family where the father was diagnosed with cancer. He is unable to work currently because of the illness and the treatments he must go through. His wife and he have four very young children to care for, the youngest just over 1 year. With help from our supporters we were able to make sure the family was able to get some of their bills paid and take some of the pressure off this young family. The family was overwhelmed with appreciation for what the CDFF was able to do for them. We could only help this family and others like it with support from people like you. As bad economic times have hit our area, we are receiving more and more requests for assistance. As most of you do know, the CDFF was created in the memory of Colleen DeCrane; however, those of us with the foundation realize it has grown to mean much more than just a respectful way to remember her. It’s a way to honor those we have helped, those who are fighting the most difficult battle of their lives, and for those for whom the battle is now over. We ask for your support to continue to help those in our community who are in need of help. We can help them only if we have supporters who are willing to stand with us. Please contact us to get involved, whether as a volunteer at a fund raiser or to attend an event or to be source we can go to when a family is in crisis. No amount of help is too great or too small.

The CDFF is proud to announce three new members to the Board of Directors; Polly Clemo, Mary Rohr, and Robert Voth. We believe the talents of our new directors will help us continue to grow and help us help more families in need.

I thank you for your continued support.

Keith E. DeCrane
The Colleen DeCrane Family foundation


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